Monday, May 10, 2010

Corix Utilities to Provide Monthly Meter Reading Services for City of Long Beach

Pilot phase will run through July 31st with full-scale meter reading services expected to begin on August 2nd

LONG BEACH, CA – The City of Long Beach has begun the first steps in transitioning to a new monthly meter reading service. Corix Utilities will be phased in as the new contract meter reading provider for water and gas customers over the next few months.

As part of this new service, the City will also be switching over to monthly meter reading starting in August, which should provide multiple benefits to City of Long Beach water and gas customers.  Currently, utility meters are read on a bi-monthly basis and are more vulnerable to estimation and billing adjustment issues that come with the territory of taking a "true" reading once every other month.  The new monthly meter reading service should remedy most, if not all of these kinds

More information about the transition to monthly meter reading, as well as the new meter reading contractor, Corix Utilities, can be found in the informational flyer here.

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